Calvert Street Group Moves Headquarters to Downtown Nashville

Calvert Street Group, a public relations group focused on land use and political affairs, announces that the firm has moved out of its Hayes Street office and opened its new headquarters in the historic Berger Building in downtown Nashville.

Built in 1926 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, the Berger was formerly used as Genesco Headquarters, a piano shop, a toy museum and other uses throughout the last eight decades.

“The timing of this relocation could not be better, as our team is outgrowing the Hayes Street office at a vigorous rate,” said Darden Copeland, Calvert Street’s Managing Director. “This move marks another milestone for us. The new office will complement our dynamic work environment and provide us with the space we need to continue to develop as we now have 16 full-time employees in Nashville, and our Bellingham and DC offices are gaining more employees as we expand,” he added.

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