Calvert Street Group Implements Innovative Infant-At-Work Policy

Public affairs firm, Calvert Street Group, has been added to the list of roughly 200 U.S. company offices offering a new policy allowing parents to bring their infants into work.

The new pioneering policy, that was effective September 4, allows parents to return to work sooner by allowing full and part-time employees to bring their infant into the office until 180 days of age, or until the child can crawl, whichever milestone arrives sooner. According to Calvert Street’s official employee handbook, “[i]t is the policy of Calvert Street Group to provide a positive work environment that recognizes parents’ responsibilities to their jobs and to their infants by acknowledging that, when an infant is able to stay with a parent, this benefits the family, the employer, and society.”

Krystina Lenz, Director of Operations for Calvert Street, greatly benefits from the new policy. “As a new mother, I feel incredibly blessed to belong to an organization that promotes work life balance and parenthood,” said Lenz. “The culture that we have built at Calvert Street Group makes me immensely proud, and I look forward to continuing to build an organization that fully supports its employees in all endeavors.”

Babies and parents are beneficiaries of the program, and so is the employer. Calvert Street Group expects the Infant-at-Work policy to help increase employee morale, lower turnover costs due to higher retention rates, and reduce overall health care costs for infants due to easy-access breastfeeding.

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