Calvert Street carries the message of renewable energy

A cover article in New York magazine posted July 10 is causing significant buzz in the the energy industry. In the magazine, writer David Wallace-Well argues the ship has sailed when it comes to mitigating the human-generated influences of climate change. Wallace-Well contends many climate change scientists are focused on rising sea levels and shifts in weather patterns, but he argues the impact of climate change will cause mass migrations in the earth’s population as life in some countries becomes more difficult and in some cases, impossible. Policy makers, Wallace-Wells, suggests have not begun to come to grips with the social and economic implications of these changes. Experts in climate change say the article’s dim view of our ability to slow the impact is exaggerated by the article, but the author asks the right questions.

In our work, we’ve met with dozens of elected officials who know the biggest employers in their communities want to operate with a higher percentage of renewable energy, but they’re not sure how to make that happen. Privately, they worry their inability to offer companies more renewable power will make their towns uncompetitive when it comes to recruiting new industry. The idea of a large influx of “climate refugees” to their communities is equally frightening.

At Calvert Street Group, we understand well the challenges of gaining “mind share” when it comes to discussing clean energy at the state and local level. It’s not easy to translate changing weather patterns into real impacts on local labor markets or utility costs for their community’s largest employers. CSG represents companies in the renewable energy sector and we work diligently every day to make policy makers and the public aware of the impact of continued reliance on fossil fuels. Creating understanding takes focus and long term commitment, but the work is rewarding. That’s why we’ll continue to carry the message of renewable energy. Because the rewards mean a brighter future for all of us.

– Mark Drury, Senior Director

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