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A bumpy ride: How autonomous transportation could change land use policy.

-Matt Segal, Vice President

Autonomous vehicles (AV) are already remaking the transportation landscape in America. At this point, few would be surprised to hear it. Deployment of AV technology has rapidly moved from theoretical to reality.

We’re already seeing self-driving Volvos and freight trucks in Arizona, test AVs from GM’s Cruise Automation roaming the […]

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Despite Everything, Author Tom Friedman Says He’s an Optimist

-Mark Drury, Senior Director

Pulitzer Prize winning author and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman made his way to Nashville to promote his new book, Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to the Future in An Age of Acceleration, and in a one-hour lecture jam-packed […]

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Clean Line Partners with Calvert Street, Sees Wind Energy Potential

-Mark Drury, Senior Director

It would appear the development of new renewable energy technology and Wall Street’s embrace of low-carbon energy markets is outstripping the ability of policymakers in the U.S. to see fundamental change coming.

This week, two significant stories rolled out which give an indication of […]

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Organization is Key for Pipeline Battles

Ask someone their opinion on natural gas, and you’ll receive a range of answers. To some, natural gas is the fuel of the future. To others, since it flows from a pipeline, natural gas might as well be oil’s little brother. And to some folks, including in the energy industry, natural gas is often referred […]

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Diop Harris joins growing DC office

Diop Harris, who comes to Calvert Street Group from the Maine Democratic Party as a field organizer for the “Hillary for President-Maine” campaign is the newest campaign field director for our Washington, DC office.

Before his graduation from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Public Policy,  Harris served as an intern for the Environmental Protection […]

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How NIMBYs Killed a San Bernardino Solar Farm

About a year ago, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to reject a proposal for a 3 square mile solar power plant near the famous Joshua Tree National Park.

The project, proposed by Regenerate Power, would have created around 200 construction jobs, and 53 full time positions at the power plant. After nine […]

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Bob Corney Hired as Senior Vice President

bob-corney-calvert-street Bob Corney

Calvert Street Group Founder and Managing Director Darden Copeland announced today former VOX Global executive Bob Corney has joined the Calvert Street Group as senior vice president. Corney had served with VOX since 2008 in a variety of roles including senior counsel to telecommunications clients […]

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Calvert Street Group Gains Sam Taylor as Campaign Field Director

Calvert Street hired Sam Taylor, New Hampshire-based field director and political assistant, as the newest field director in an influx of campaign team hires to be based at the company’s downtown Nashville office.

Sam Taylor Sam Taylor

In 2016 alone, Taylor worked on two campaigns in New […]

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