A Day in the Life of a Calvert Street Intern

– Christie Rentschler, Campaign Intern

Hi, my name is Christie, and I’m a junior at Vanderbilt University double majoring in Human & Organizational Development (HOD) and American Studies. I’m originally from New Jersey but have made Nashville my home during my three years at Vandy. This semester, I am interning at the Calvert Street Group for my program capstone. Here’s a look at my day yesterday:

8:55 AM – I hop off the bus, come into the office and immediately make myself a cup of coffee. (It’s necessary!)  The public bus system takes me directly from my dorm on West End to the front door of the office for free using my Commodore Card.

9:15 AM – I begin my first task of the day: media monitoring. Each intern is responsible for checking the local news for all the campaigns they’re involved in. I pull together relevant clips and send them out to campaign managers. It’s important to make sure we don’t miss anything! Maybe I’ll catch a new development or something we can post on social media.

10:00 AM – Time for my second cup of coffee! I stop by the break room, which is always stocked with beverages and snacks, before getting back to a research task.

10:30 AM – The COO Haley invites me into her office to listen in on a client call about a breakthrough in one of my assignments. I always look forward to seeing how my work has contributed to the overall project.

12:00 PM – Every Wednesday, Calvert Street hosts educational events for the interns. Today, we have a guest speaker coming in for luncha former Secret Service agent. The office administrator, Melanie, had lunch catered from a local Nashville restaurant, so everyone is in a great mood. She even made sure to get me a gluten-free wrap!

1:00 PM – Back to the grind! This afternoon, I’m helping the Digital Team create social media content for a recycling campaign. I’ll design graphics, write text to go with it and arrange it all into a calendar. Then, we’ll post that content throughout the next month. Although I’m not too familiar with graphic design, I know I can always ask for help if I need it.

3:00 PM – After wrapping up my assignment, I take a quick break to play with Briley, the office dog. This is obviously the most important task of the day.

3:30 PM – Okay, so my puppy break wasn’t as quick as I intended, but now I’m back to work. My final assignment for today is to help out with some phone banking calls for a renewable energy project. Even though some of my tasks are a little tedious, the staff is constantly showing their appreciation for my hard work, letting me know how crucial these assignments are to the success of the campaign.

4:45 PM – Everyone takes their time leaving the office, casually chatting while packing up for the day.  I love how friendly everyone is at Calvert Street and how even senior staffers take a genuine interest in my personal life. I truly feel like a member of the team, and I can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.

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