Clean Line Partners with Calvert Street, Sees Wind Energy Potential

-Mark Drury, Senior Director

It would appear the development of new renewable energy technology and Wall Street’s embrace of low-carbon energy markets is outstripping the ability of policymakers in the U.S. to see fundamental change coming.

This week, two significant stories rolled out which give an indication of […]

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Organization is Key for Pipeline Battles

Ask someone their opinion on natural gas, and you’ll receive a range of answers. To some, natural gas is the fuel of the future. To others, since it flows from a pipeline, natural gas might as well be oil’s little brother. And to some folks, including in the energy industry, natural gas is often referred […]

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Diop Harris joins growing DC office

Diop Harris, who comes to Calvert Street Group from the Maine Democratic Party as a field organizer for the “Hillary for President-Maine” campaign is the newest campaign field director for our Washington, DC office.

Before his graduation from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Public Policy,  Harris served as an intern for the Environmental Protection […]

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Calvert Street carries the message of renewable energy

A cover article in New York magazine posted July 10 is causing significant buzz in the the energy industry. In the magazine, writer David Wallace-Well argues the ship has sailed when it comes to mitigating the human-generated influences of climate change. Wallace-Well contends many climate change scientists are focused on rising sea levels and shifts in […]

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How NIMBYs Killed a San Bernardino Solar Farm

About a year ago, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to reject a proposal for a 3 square mile solar power plant near the famous Joshua Tree National Park.

The project, proposed by Regenerate Power, would have created around 200 construction jobs, and 53 full time positions at the power plant. After nine […]

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Rep. Jim Cooper: treat your political intake like calories

Representative Jim Cooper (d-TN5) admitted that not many people want to hear about the state of politics in Washington, DC these days. In fact, he joked, most people tend to turn away when the subject of the federal government comes up. But the long-time member of Congress spoke to the Nashville Rotary Club on 3/13 […]

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Going out on a limb and up a tree for more space

Architecture inhabits the space between art and utility. In American cities, the exteriors of many buildings are not aesthetically provocative, but lean heavily on the austere grace of repeating horizontal and vertical patterns. In these steel jungles, the natural world has become segmented, controlled, and relegated to a small portion of the urban landscape. A […]

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Calvert Street Group Gains Sam Taylor as Campaign Field Director

Calvert Street hired Sam Taylor, New Hampshire-based field director and political assistant, as the newest field director in an influx of campaign team hires to be based at the company’s downtown Nashville office.

Sam Taylor Sam Taylor

In 2016 alone, Taylor worked on two campaigns in New […]

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Dorian Lockett Hired As Campaign Manager for Calvert Street Group

Dorian Lockett, who previously served as “Hillary for America’s Ohio Together” campaign as Regional Organizing Director in 2016, relocates to Nashville, TN to serve as Campaign Manager in the corporate campaign realm.

Dorian Lockett Dorian Lockett

For the past six years, Lockett has worked on several campaigns ranging from […]

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The Oakland Raiders move to Las Vegas

On January 15th, the Oakland Raiders will finally learn if they will be changing their name to the Las Vegas Raiders. Owners from around the league will meet in Houston to vote on whether or not the team will have the ability to move cities. Over the last few months, owner Mark Davis has snapped […]

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